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24.5 Puller 2000

20.8 radial all traction 
Call for availability 
​18.4 radial all traction 
Range from $1,600-$1,900
30.5 Puller 2000

20.8/38 Firestone
Radial all traction 
10 Ply.
3/8 bar
Super all traction 
Bias double cuts
32.5 Firestone
10 Ply. Bias
Double Cuts
20.8 Firestone 
Deep Tread Double Cut
Cut and Hardened!

14.9 38in.
Field and road
18.4 x 38
Radial all traction
Metric Style 

18.4 x 38
Firestone Radial 
Top cut

Firestone Radial
Firestone super all traction 
Bar cut

18.4 Super all traction
Bar cut
18.4 field and road 
on Keizer aluminum wheels
Click here to see before and after pictures
18.4x38 Radial Bar Cut
Call for price
​18.4 x 38 Firestone Deep tread
Radial Double Cut 

24.5 Pro Puller Tires 
India made
Examples of Tires
Used Casings-New Cut
Firestone 18.4 34" single v
9/16 new extended cut
30.5 Firestone long angle cut
New style 1/2" double cut
radial all traction metric